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Consult Eye Hospital in West Delhi for Toddler Eye Problems

Consult Eye Hospital in West Delhi for Toddler Eye Problems

If you have a toddler at home between the age group of two to five, be aware and alert about any problems with her sight and vision. If you feel she has a problem then take her to a good eye hospital in West Delhi for consultation. If you are wondering if such small children can develop any eye problems then read on:

Eye Conditions of toddlers:

Apart from the birth-related eye problems, it is possible for the toddlers to develop certain conditions like crossed eyes. It is also called Strabismus. In this one or both the eyes turn inwards or outwards. They can also have Amblyopia or Lazy Eye wherein one eye there is the absence of clear vision.

Problem with Toddlers:

One of the biggest handicaps with toddlers of this age is that they cannot express themselves vocally and hence face a lot of problems. Most often neither they nor we are able to understand that they are actually having any problem. So, that becomes challenging.

Look for indicators:

However, if we observe them carefully we can identify certain behavior with which we can understand they indeed have a problem:

  • 1. Watching TV sitting too close to the TV set or brining a book too close to their eyes to read or see pictures.
  • 2.Squinting
  • 3.Tilting their head while watching
  • 4. Regularly trying to cover one eye
  • 5.Turning their eyes in or out
  • 6.Having sensitivity to light
  • 7. Problems with eyes-hand co-ordination while playing, catching a ball, arranging blocks, etc.
  • 8. Avoiding problems which have detailed activities like doing puzzles, coloring, etc.

If you notice such problems then take him to the eye doctor for a thorough evaluation.

You can rectify many of these problems using glasses or even corrective surgery at good eye hospitals. If you have a toddler you can consult with an eye doctor from a reputed hospital like Mata Roop Rani Maggo Hospital to understand these symptoms better and take necessary steps.