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Two Common Problems that Require ENT Specialist Intervention in West Delhi

Two Common Problems that Require ENT Specialist Intervention in West Delhi

ENT problems are very common problems of the ear, nose, and throat. You can cure most ENT problems by simple treatment from ENT specialists. There is good ent specialist in west delhi which can take care of different ailments related to ENT. Here is a discussion on two common ENT problems that plague people quite often.

Dysphagia: Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing is a common problem affecting various age groups. However, this is seen mostly among the elderly. This problem normally goes away after a few days but if it doesn’t then one must visit an ENT specialist.

Causes of the Problem: There can be Multiple Causes for this Problem:

  • 1. It may be as a result of causes such as teeth problems, dentures which are ill-fitting, or even a common cold.
  • 2. Another very common cause of it is GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. In this, the stomach acid moves through the esophagus to the pharynx causing extreme discomfort.
  • 3. There can also be other serious and grave issues like Stroke, certain Neurological Disorders, Tracheostomy tube, a tumor within the mouth or throat or esophagus. Surgery of the head, neck or esophagus can also result in Dysphagia.

Drooling, feeling of something that is stuck up in the throat are the most common symptoms. Other symptoms include heaviness or discomfort in the chest or throat region, a sensation of a lump in the throat, coughing and choking, weight loss due to lack of willingness to eat due to the discomfort.

Treatment: The most commonly used drugs are the medicines that inhibit production of stomach acids and antacids. Each of the treatment gets done by the doctor as per the causative factor.

Sinusitis: Sinuses are empty hollows or chambers present within the bones of the head. Air fills up the bones and they aid speech through resonation or vibration, thus aiding in proper speech. Healthy and clear sinuses constantly produce as well as drain mucus as a process. However, the inflammation of these sinuses or any type of blockage of these hollows causes tremendous discomfort and pain.

Causes of the Problem may include:

  • 1. Cold
  • 2. Allergy
  • 3. Infection
  • 4. Some kind of growth

Symptoms include acute headache, pain in the facial region, runny nose and also nasal congestion.

Treatment: A treatment follows only after a probe to detect the exact causative factor. Any good ENT specialist in any hospital, like a hospital in west delhi would be able to conduct this evaluation.

Acute Sinusitis is painful. Doctors prescribe medications to help combat the problem underlying, like cold or allergy. It is possible to recover from sinuses and cure it completely. In the case of acute pain, doctors give medicines to combat the pain.

In the case of acute cold doctors suggest antibiotics take care of the problem. But if nothing helps then they recommend a surgical procedure depending on the cause of the problem.

These are the two common ENT problems adults face. Children too can suffer from these problems. Timely action and treatment at good hospitals under the supervision of good ENT specialists can provide relief to those suffering.