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Consult Overview Of An Orthopedic Surgeon For Fractures Of The Bones

Consult Overview Of An Orthopedic Surgeon For Fractures Of The Bones

The skeletal system is the structural system of the human body. They give shape to the body. Bones are the fundamental units of this skeletal system. Medical experts say that bones are the organs of the skeletal system. The human body consists of 206 bones, and these bones fuse to form the skeletal system.  Bones are rigid, and they cannot bend or flex. They help in the movement of different joints in our body. When these bones get crack or break, we call it a fracture. Make sure to consult an orthopedic surgeon in West Delhi, if you think you have a breach.

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Fractures: Definition and symptoms

A broken bone is known as a fracture. A fracture can be a complete break or just a partial crack somewhere in your skeletal system. It can break in any way and any direction- diagonally, horizontally, vertically, etc. A fracture can happen in multiple places at a time or in a single place. When there is an exertion of excess pressure on a bone, it causes a fracture. They are no joke and are quite painful.

Symptoms of fractures:

When a bone in your body breaks, you will feel an immense amount of pain. The pain will get even worse if you move or touch the area. If the fracture is bad, then you will feel dizzy and may even faint. Other symptoms include the sound of something breaking, swelling, redness, bruises in the affected spot, visible malformation in the area, not being able to put too much pressure on the spot.

Types of fractures:

According to medical science, fractures are of two types: i)open fracture and, ii) closed fractures. It can also be further classified as i)complete fracture, ii) incomplete fracture.

Open fractures: An open fracture is more critical. This kind of breakage tears your skin and if you don’t treat it immediately, then it exposes you to the risk of infections.

Closed fractures: These types of fractures are simple and they heal quickly with proper treatment. They do not break your skin.

Incomplete fracture: Incomplete fractures are those fractures where the bones do not break completely. It could be a crack or partial breakage of the bone.

Complete fracture: Complete fractures are where the bones break completely in two or more pieces.

What causes a fracture?

Multiple reasons can be responsible for a fracture like falls, collisions, accidents, sports injuries and so on and so forth.


If you suspect you have a fracture then treat it immediately by an orthopedic surgeon. Visit Maggoo Hospital as they have the best surgeons and provide the best medical care to their patients.