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Difference between Kidney and Gall Bladder Stones

Difference between Kidney and Gall Bladder Stones

Stone, whether in Kidney or in the Gallbladder can both become painful if things become complicated. Hence there should always be an endeavour to get them treated in the the right time with the help of local hospitals. One can always look for Hospital in West Delhi, if one is living in the locality and get medical advice and exact detection of stones.

The kidney’s work is to filter the blood and create urine. Kidney stones actually are nothing but tiny mineral deposits which are formed in the kidneys. These are made of acid salts. The gall bladder’s function is storage of bile which helps in digestion and help in absorption of fat. Gallstones happen as a result of chemical imbalances in gall bladder. These are pebble-like deposits which are made of digestive fluids and hardened. It is said that people those who have or had earlier kidney stones have an increased risk of having or developing gallstones and vice versa. Those having kidney stones do not experience most of the symptoms till the stone moves around in the kidney or if it passes along the ureter.

In that case the symptoms would be :

1.Enormous pain in side, as well as back

2.Intense pain below the ribs

3.Pain in lower abdomen, as well as groin region

4.Pain during urination

5.Change in the colour of urine to pink, reddish or brownish

6.Urine that is hazy and cloudy

7.Foul smelling urine

8.Feeling of nausea

9.Urge to urinate always

If there is an infection there would also be fever and chills

Urine output in small amounts at a time

The pain due to kidney stones can change in intensity as and when the stone makes a passage through ureter. Those with gallstones do not experience any profound symptoms as well until the stone creates blockage in the duct.

Following are a few of the symptoms one can go through:

1. Sudden and intense pain in the upper right side of the abdomen

2. Sudden and intense pain below the breastbone

3. Severe back pain

4. Pain in the right shoulder

This type of pain can be for a few minutes or for several hours.

If the kidney stones are small, they normally pass out on their own. The requirement is to drink lots of water. One can take medication for managing the pain if needed. If the pain becomes unbearable or the stone blocks the urinary tract then one must be rushed to the local hospital. For example if one stays in West Delhi then one may refer to Stone Surgeon In West Delhi who can give proper advice and guidances.Normally there are no visible symptoms of gallstones but if there are any profound symptoms, then the patient needs immediate surgery. Often removal of the gallbladder is the commonest method of getting rid of gallstones. Though the stones can be removed even by preserving the gallbladder, it is not a guarantee that gallstones would never develop again. Since gall-bladder is something one can live without, so the best hing is to eliminate it completely.

Gall Stones and Kidney Stones hardly make their presence felt till it becomes complicated. Care must be taken in identification of symptoms and one must rush to the hospital in case of any emergency.