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Foods to Avoid and Eat after Gallbladder Operated by Gallbladder Surgeon

Foods to Avoid and Eat after Gallbladder Operated by Gallbladder Surgeon

Gallstone treatment and surgery need expert care. It is always wise to go in for the best treatment in the local area like gallbladder surgeon in West Delhi who would provide the correct advice and guidance. Gall stones are very common occurrences and gall stone surgeries are also quite common.

A gallstone surgery would often involve the removal of the entire gallbladder itself. The gallbladder is such an organ which one can live without. Although the body takes time to adjust and get use to its absence, over time, the situation improves. Most of the people do not experience any digestive problem after removal of gallbladder removal but if there are difficulties then one may need to alter and modify the diet for a short period

The gallbladder’s location is under the liver and its major function is to store and secrete bile – a liquid Which helps in the digestion of fatty food.

If there is a need for surgery to remove the gallbladder, the liver would still produce enough bile to aid the normal digestion process. But instead of getting stored in the gallbladder, the bile flows directly from the liver into the small intestine. As the body adapts to the change, there might be difficulty in digesting foods in the post-operative phase after the removal of gall bladder surgery.

Some necessary adjustments required after the Gall Bladder Surgery are as follows-

It’s important to get the guidance of your local doctor after the surgery. If you are at Uttam Nagar in West Delhi any good gallbladder surgeon in Uttam Nagar would be able to guide and support on diet.

Rules regarding food consumption-

  • If one is hospitalized, normally the transition from liquid to solid food takes place sooner after surgery.
  • If the recovery is taking place at home, the foods need to be introduced slowly- the liquid to the solid transition taking time.

Foods that you should ideally avoid-

It is good to avoid high-fat foods for a few weeks after your gallbladder removal.

High-Fat Foods Include:

  • Fried foods( like chips, French fries, fritters)
  • High-fat meats (like mutton)
  • High-fat dairy (butter, cheese, etc)
  • Rich and fatty gravies
  • Heavy oils like Palm Oil or Coconut Oil

Certain foods which have high fiber content can cause discomfort after surgery of the gall bladder and hence, you should be careful about your dietary habits.

These food items include-

  • 1. Bread with Whole grain
  • 2. Cereals
  • 3. Nuts, seeds, legumes, and sprouts
  • 4. Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli
  • 5. The soluble fiber in the diet is however helpful as it helps in the bowel movement. Good soluble fibers include Barley and Oats.

During the post-operative period of gall bladder surgery, it is also wise to have small meals at regular intervals rather than a large interval. However, if the digestive problems continue causing trouble, you should consult the doctor at the earliest.