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How are ENT Disorders Treated in the Private Hospital in Uttam Nagar

How are ENT Disorders Treated in the Private Hospital in Uttam Nagar

Are you suffering from some prolonged nose irritability? Or are you enduring excruciating pain in your ear? It is very likely that you are suffering from ENT disorder. These problems are associated with more signs and symptoms. However, it is also important to realize that these symptoms vary from one person to another.

Nowadays there are many advanced diagnostic techniques available for the treatment of such problems, conducted by expert Otolaryngologists in the hospital in Uttam Nagar. Here are a few solutions that you can avail of.


A dedicated team of doctors in Uttam Nagar is committed to developing surgical procedures needed to help patients with prolonged problems of the sinus. You are likely to benefit from this expert team of physicians who adopt the latest diagnostic technology and equipment to conduct minimally invasive operations to address your health issue.

Common to complex disorders are treated like-
• Nasal Polyps are treated via advanced surgeries

• Chronic Sinusitis is treated through medications, surgeries, nasal irritation and appointments that follow up on the patients’ condition.

• Revision Sinus Surgery is done in case your condition recurs. A specialist is the only person who can give you a final solution regarding this.

2. EYE

ENT specialist in Uttam Nagar treats patients with Grave’s Eye Disorder, also known as Thyroid Eye disease that develops in people with an overactive thyroid. An autoimmune disease, antibodies are directed against receptors in the thyroid cells and the surface behind the eyes, causing this condition. However, it is mild and treatable.

• Eyelid surgery is done to cure this disease. Patients have a problem closing their eyes, leaving the eyeballs more exposed. This can lead to irritation and tearing. Surgery helps in the repositioning of the eyelids, thus lessening the eyelids.

• Eye Muscle Surgery helps correct double vision where the affected muscles are cut off from the eyeball and reattached towards the back of the eye. This enables us to get a single vision. Sometimes more than one operation is needed to cure this problem.

• Tumors behind the eye are treated by rhinologists through a biopsy.

• Dacryocystorhinostomy is conducted if the eyes tear up frequently. Here the duct is operated and opened by making a small incision and a flexible, narrow tube is inserted via the nose. This doesn’t leave a facial scar.


Neck problems can be a nuisance if not treated for a long time. The various throat disorders include Thyroid Nodules, Neck Cancer, Reflux, Tonsils, Adenoids and other infections. Treatments are as follows.

• Blood tests are conducted to diagnose such problems

• Bacterial infections are treated via medications like antibiotics

• Tonsillectomy surgery is done to remove chronic tonsilitis. It is an outpatient operation in which recovery takes almost 7-14 days

• In the case of neck cancer, a complete evaluation is done. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy is rendered. Head and neck surgeries are performed on disorders in skull base and non-cancerous growths in the vestibulocochlear nerve- one which assists in hearing.

• Adenoidectomy is the removal of adenoids through a surgical procedure. Also an outpatient procedure, it is done at the same time during tonsillectomy under 30 minutes of general anesthesia.

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