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How are Kidney Stones Treated In the Private Hospital of Uttam Nagar

How are Kidney Stones Treated In the Private Hospital of Uttam Nagar

The formation of stones in the kidney is a serious medical condition that requires proper attention and care. Also known as renal calculi, they are crystallized solid masses of various kinds. There exist calcium stones which are the commonest type, the uric acid type that occurs when the urine becomes too acidic as well as struvite and cystine stones. You can seek immediate help from one of the best stone surgeon in Uttam Nagar for efficient and affordable treatment. This is how they provide a remedy to kidney stone patients-

Things to do before surgery

Before diagnosis, the doctors usually take an entire case history of the patient which helps them in a future assessment. These include blood tests for uric acid, calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, BUN or blood urea nitrogen test to check the functioning of the kidney, an analysis of the urine for blood and collection of stone samples.


After the doctor gathers the details from the patient and the stones are put up for evaluation, the surgical procedures are tailored according to the type of stone formation. This process is conducted to enable the stones to break into smaller pieces and pass through the urine. Also known as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, this method of operation is done by one of the top-ranking private hospital in Uttam Nagar with the help of sound waves which often becomes uncomfortable for the person being treated. This sometimes needs anesthesia as it causes abdomen bruising and can lead to bleeding around the other organs.


This is an instrument used by the surgeons to remove stones that are stuck in the bladder or uterus. It is inserted with a camera attached to it, inside the urethra and slowly pushed inside the bladder. A small cage is then utilized to remove the stone entirely.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Under this procedure, a nephroscope, like a telescopic instrument is used by the surgeon to conduct the operation. First, an incision is made with the laser technique. Then the stones are gradually removed. The patient needs about 48 hours of rest once the surgery is over.

End of the Blog:-

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