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What Are Your Expectations From The Maternity Center in Uttam Nagar

What Are Your Expectations From The Maternity Center in Uttam Nagar

During the end of your first trimester, your first visit to the maternity center in Uttam Nagar will occur. Between the 10 to 14 weeks of your pregnancy, you need to visit the hospital. As the outcome of the pregnancy will seem very real, the visit for you and your partner to the maternity nursing home will be exciting. There will insight into the progression of your pregnancy, as the midwives and doctors in the hospital will take care of your pregnancy. There are some points, which you need to remember on your first visit to the maternity center.

Questions Your Doctor Will Ask

Date Of Your Last Period: Your doctor will be able to calculate your delivery date, based on the dates of your last delivery. To find out your progression, the patient will need to undergo an ultrasound scan.

Any Previous Terminations Or Birth, Miscarriages

In order to manage your current pregnancy, your obstetrics history will be determined. This also affects how the labor is managed. You need to inform your doctor as it will assist you to provide the necessary help for your pregnancy if you have some other problems.

Understand What Other Care Is Taken

You need to take into consideration, what sort of care is being taken in the prenatal category. Moreover, you need to check out what sort of care will be taken after the child is born. These two things are very important for the maternity center and proper care is the utmost necessity.

Family History Or Genetic Conditions

Your parents and your in-laws should be aware of your pregnancy. To diagnose if your child has been affected by any sort of disorder you will need to undergo screening, which will detect any unknown conditions. It will also determine any heart disease, history of allergies and other critical problems.

Tests You Need To Undergo:-

Blood Pressure
Your blood pressure will be checked, in your consecutive and first antenatal visits. There can be the development of pre-eclampsia if there is a rise in blood pressure.

Urine Sample
For the presence of protein or signs of infection, the doctor of the center will make you undergo the urine test by taking your urine samples.

Height And Weight Check
To calculate your BMI, the specialist in the center will measure height and weight. To keep a track of your pregnancy, these measurements are important.

The maternity center will do everything to take care of the mother and child. If you are looking for the best option, then you need to come to “ Maggo Hospital”.