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What is the Responsible Role of the Eye Hospital in West Delhi?

What is the Responsible Role of the Eye Hospital in West Delhi?

A 93 bedded, multispeciality hospital, the eye hospital in west delhi is a leading institution in the field of public healthcare and state of art facilities. This hospital comprises of all departments of healthcare with their well-equipped facilities and quality clinical governance. The group of professional eye surgeons employ technologically advanced medical governance to bring long term relief to the ailing patients.

About the Hospital-

A premium healthcare institution, Mata Roop Rani Hospital takes the help of experienced consultants in executing their medical processes. They offer vatious services like general surgery, orthopaedics, rheumatology, dermatology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology; surgeries like the ENT surgery, laparoscopic surgery, ONCO surgery, paediatric surgery, interventional cardiology etc. They have patient rooms of all kinds- economy, semi-private and private, well illuminated and ventilated. The trained group of staff members treat all their patients with the utmost care and special attention to the critically injured. This way, they have succeeded in maintaining a reputation over all these years. The main goal of the hospital is to bring the highest standard of clinical facilities to their patients after advanced research and development. This allows for a comprehensive healthcare process within a very reasonable budget.

The Department of Eye Health-

You can visit this department any day from Monday to Saturday. Here the eye surgeons deliver services which are at par with the international standards. There are patients who come with their eye issues from all over the world. They employ the latest medical technologies for treating patients and provide them long term health benefits. The hospital conducts annual educational programmes where they talk about numberous eye problems and their probable solutions. This is one of the major initiatives by the hospital members which help the doctors yield constructive and effective results. The eye being one of the basic human organs, we often fail to take care of them on a regular basis. This annual eye programme aids in spreading necessary awareness among all that our eyes too need maintenance. In this department of healthcare the patients receive educational pamphlets, to get information about the different eye surgeries. This is one of the greater and productive ways to propagate good health. The patients will only value that which will bring a good outcome. The Eye care department of the hospital pledges to do the same- correct diagnosis, the right kind of advice, adequate treatment, accurate aftercare and a timely follow-up.

Some Eye Surgeries Performed in this Hospital-

LASIK is done to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. They complete the surgery within 15 minutes. A type of refractive surgery, it helps in reshaping the cornea for the light to focus clearly on the retina. This enables people to see clearly. After the surgery , the patient needs no bandages. LASEK is another vision correction surgery which solves the complications associated with creating and reattaching the flap in the cornea. Through this surgery, the epithelium or the thin corneal surface layer of the cells gets retained, helping in recovering the cornea after performing the laser sculpting. Refractive Lens Exchange also known by the name of clear lens extraction is done on patients who suffer from hyperopia and presbyopia. Next, the placement of an artificial intraocular lens happens by replacing the natural eye lens which corrects the refractive error. This in turn helps in getting a sharper focus. PRK or Photorefractive keratectomy is another refractive surgery which treats vision by reshaping the cornea. These and several other advanced surgical procedures conducted by the eye surgeons. You can avail these features within a very reasonable and modest price range.